Anne Elizabeth Dyer, Ph.D.

Lecturer in Missiology, Cliff College

Starting out in life within a Methodist family and church in Hull, Anne grew up in Grimsby in three different churches, including Brethren and Assemblies of God. Moving from University in Manchester where she studied Ancient History and Archaeology (1977), she found herself in the Berwick Methodist circuit whilst taking a Cambridge Diploma in Religious Knowledge at what became Northumbria Bible College, with her husband Colin. They subsequently went to Thailand and worked with OMF International for over 12 years. They returned to England with their two children and based themselves in Grimsby where Anne found work in a public library whilst volunteering as 'community liaison officer' between church and a council estate. By 1999 after researching for the Northumbria Community, she returned to academic study for an MTh and on to MPhil and PhD through Bangor University and Mattersey Hall. Some of that was church history of the 20th century, but missiology was the main track. Library work at Mattersey Hall provided the income, but Anne is passionate about getting students involved in mission and thereby aimed to deveop them in their studies and mission.  Some of that led to lecturing and supervising dissertations at all levels. Dr Dyer joined the faculty at Cliff College in 2014.

Select Recent Publications

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