Justin Thacker, Ph.D.

Academic Director, Cliff College. 

My first career was as a medical doctor, training in paediatrics. I worked in Kenya as a paediatrician before becoming a healthcare manager and embarking on theological studies. I was formerly the Head of International Operations for the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, Head of Theology for the Evangelical Alliance and Executive Director of the World Evangelical Alliance Theological Commission. My main research interests are in Theology and International Development, and Public Theology. He has published in a range of academic and church journals including, Faith and Philosophy and The International Journal of Systematic Theology.

Select Recent Publications

Global Poverty: A Theological Guide (SCM, 2017).

Michah's Challenge: The Church's Responsibility to the Global Poor (co-editor) (Paternoster, 2008). 

Postmodernism and the Ethics of Theological Knowledge (Ashgate, 2007)

Email: j.thacker@cliffcollege.ac.uk