Martin Wellings, M.A., D.Phil., F.R.Hist.Soc.

Superintendent Minister of the Oxford Methodist Circuit

Martin Wellings has worked on the history of the Evangelical school in the Church of England, leading to his first book, Evangelicals Embattled: Responses of Evangelicals in the Church of England to Ritualism, Darwinism and Theological Liberalism 1890-1930 (2003). His subsequent research has focussed principally on Methodist history, including Evangelicals in Methodism: Mainstream, marginal or misunderstood? (2005), and studies of Susanna Wesley (published in 2008 in The Heart of Faith. Following Christ in the Church of England, edited by Andrew Atherstone), the Methodist Sacramental Fellowship (‘Discipline in dispute: the origins and early history of the Methodist Sacramental Fellowship’, in Kate Cooper and Jeremy Gregory (eds), Discipline and Diversity (Studies in Church History 43 [2007]) and the Methodist Revival Fellowship (the Wesley Historical Society Lecture for 2009, published in the Society’s Proceedings). With Peter Forsaith, he co-edited Methodism and History (2010), a Festschrift for Dr John Vickers.

Current work includes an essay on Methodism and Evangelicalism for an Ashgate Research Companion to World Methodism, and a paper on the Anglican Evangelical Group Movement for a conference on ‘Evangelicalism and the Church of England in the Twentieth Century’ in Oxford in 2011.