David Rainey, Ph.D. (London)

Senior Lecturer in Theology, Nazarene Theological College.

Dr Rainey began teaching at NTC after serving for seventeen years as a minister in Canada. His Ph.D. was awarded from King’s College, University of London for his work on 'John Wesley’s Doctrine of Salvation in Relation to His Doctrine of God'. In addition to continued work on this topic, Dr Rainey is conducting research on Wesley’s ecclesiology.  He is interested in supervising research in Wesley Studies and the early Church Fathers. 

Select Publications

'The Established Church and Evangelical Theology: John Wesley's Ecclesiology', International Journal of Systematic Theology 12:4 (October 2010).

 'Jurgen Moltmann: Creation and the Restructuring of Trinitarian Panentheism', in As Long as Earth Endures (IVP, 2014).

Research Supervision

Current Supervision: Justin Bradbury (co-supervisor)

Past Supervision: Joseph Cunningham, Russell Frazier,  Joel HoustonMarcie Huson, Joseph Wood, Christine JohnsonOlga Druzhina, Jim Coleman, and Steve Johnson, Kevin Navarro (co-supervisor)

Email: DRainey@Nazarene.ac.uk


2015 MWRC Annual Lecture