Sarah K. Whittle BA, MA, PGCAP, PhD (Manc.), FHEA

Postgraduate Support Advisor, University of St. Andrews

Research Fellow in Biblical Studies, Nazarene Theological College

I graduated from NTC as a mature student with a BA in Theology and Pastoral Studies and then went on to postgraduate studies at the University of Manchester and lecturing at NTC. So I've been connected for fourteen years. Much of that was spent as a part of the Longsight Community Church of the Nazarene—a place where I learned to love church and worship. 

Current academic interests are in the areas of Paul and Scripture, Second Temple Judaism, and biblical interpretation, and I'm developing an appreciation for reception studies, particularly art-historical approaches, to the extent that they illuminate exegesis. I've been practicing Scriptural Reasoning as inter-faith dialog and have been part of the University of Cambridge's inter-faith programme. I am a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and have an ongoing interest in developing teaching and learning. 

I am co-chair of the British New Testament Society Paul Seminar, steering group member of the Annual Society of Biblical Literature Biblical Ethics group, and secretary to the Tyndale Fellowship New Testament Study Group. I supervise research students in the area of New Testament and will be happy to receive enquiries.


Covenant Renewal and the Consecration of the Gentiles in Romans. SNTSMS 161; New York/ Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2014.  

Edited Volumes 

Noble, Thomas A., Sarah Whittle and Philip Johnston, eds. Marriage, Family and Relationships. London: InterVarsity Press, 2017. 

Journals Articles and Essays in Edited Volumes 

"Declared to Be Son of God in Power": Romans 1:4 and the Iconography of Imperial Apotheosis. In Son of God: Divine Sonship in Jewish and Christian Antiquity. Edited by Garrick V. Allen, Paul Sloan and Madhavi Nevader. Pennsylvania: Eisenbrauns, 2019.

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“Let Those Who Have Wives be as Though They Had None: 1 Cor 7:29 and the Challenge of the Apocalyptic Paul.” In Marriage, Family, and Relationships. Edited by Thomas. A. Noble, Sarah Whittle and Philip Johnstone. London: InterVarsity Press, 2017

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Research supervision

Current Supervision: Gift Mtukwa, Ezekiel Shibemba (co-supervisor)

Past supervision: Richard Saunders-Hindley (co-supervisor)