Steven O'Malley, Ph.D.

John T. Seamands Professor of Methodist Holiness History, Asbury Theological Seminary

Dr O’Malley has taught church history and historical theology for 47 years. An ordained minister in the United Methodist Church, Dr O’Malley has preached and lectured throughout the United States and Europe. He has earned recognition for his research and publications in post-Reformation and modern Church history, with special emphasis upon Pietism, German-American evangelicalism and the Holiness movement.  He has edited over than 50 volumes in the Pietist and Wesleyan Studies series for Scarecrow Press and is the author of one volume in the four-volume series on the History of United Methodist Missions. He currently serves as director of the Center for the Study of World Christian Revitaization Movements at Asbury Seminary, and is general editor of the Revitatlization Studies Series, published by the Center.

Select Publications

Emerging African Christian Identities within Urban Settings (Acton, pending)

Pietist and Methodist (with Jason Vickers) (Kingswood, 2012).

Interpretive Trends in Christian Revitalization Movements in the Early Twenty First Century (Emeth, 2011) (editor)

Pilgrimage of Faith: The Legacy of the Otterbeins (Scarecrow, 1973).

Early German-American Evangelism (Scarecrow, 1995).

John Seybert and Evangelical Heritage (Emeth, 2008).

Pentecost and the New Humanity (Scarecrow, 2009).