Tim Macquiban, Ph.D.

Research Director of the Englesea Brook Chapel and Museum of Methodism, President-designate of the Wesley Historical Society and Member of the Archives and Records Advisory Group of the Methodist Heritage Committee.

Dr Macquiban has taught in the areas of Church history and Methodist history at Wesley College Bristol (1990-93), Westminster College Oxford (1993-2002) and when Principal of Sarum College also in the areas of Christian Spirituality and liturgy (2002-08). He was Vice-President of the Charles Wesley Society until 2010. He has a particular interest in the relationship between Wesleyan Methodism and its parent Church of England, the development of Methodist hymnody which has shaped its praxis and worship, and the social engagement of Methodist churches through trade unions and social outreach work. His doctorate on the Strangers’ Friend Societies 1785 – 1840 (Birmingham Ph.D. 2000) explored the social witness of the Methodist Movement and its relationship to religious and political movements.