Walter Riggans, Ph.D. (University of Birmingham)

PhD Supervisor, Cliff College

Dr Riggins has served as a pastor, missionary, and theologian in Israel, and at All Nations Christian College, Hertfordshire, as the Director of the Postgraduate Centre. 

Select Publications

Ten Drops of Wine: Jewish Spirituality for Christians (Monarch Publications, 2001).

Commentary on Hebrews (Christian Focus Publications, 1998).

General Editor of World Faiths, a Hodder & Stoughton series between 1996 and 1999.

Roots and Branches: Explorations into the Jewish Context of the Christian Faith (PWM Publications, 1998) (co-editor).

Yeshua Ben David: Why Do the Jewish People Reject Jesus as their Messiah (Olive Press, 1995).

Jesus Ben Joseph: An Introduction to Jesus the Jew (Olive Press, 1993).

Introduction to the Psalms (Hebrew) (Telem Publications, 1984).

Commentary on Numbers (Daily Bible Studies Series) (Westminster Press, 1983).