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Andrew J. Pottenger, M.A. (Nazarene Theological Seminary), PhD (NTC)

‘Developing Imperial Doctrines of Power in the Rhetoric of Constantine the Great on Internal Ecclesiastical Conflicts' (NTC, 2018)

Andrew began his research in 2014 under the supervision of Dr. Geordan Hammond (NTC) and Dr. Andrew Fear (University of Manchester). His historical research analyses rhetorical aspects of the emperor Constantine’s surviving correspondence to learn how perceived and responded with imperial power to the internal ecclesiastical problems of schism and heresy. His focus lies between the traditional date of Constantine's conversion in 312 and a few years after the Council of Nicaea in 328 prior to the emperor's encounters with Athanasius.

Andrew has taught for European Nazarene College and NTC. He is a member of the Ecclesiastical History Society and the Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies. He and his wife, Gina, currently reside in Colorado Springs, Colorado where they are enjoying being able to spend more time with family. 


'Book Note: The Donatist Church in an Apocalyptic Age', Ancient Jew Review. Free online link here.

“Dissertation Spotlight: Power and Rhetoric in the Letters of Constantine the Great,” Ancient Jew Review. Free online link here.

'The "Servant of God": Divine Favour and Instrumentality Under Constantine (318-325)' Studies in Church History, Vol. 54, Church and Empire (Cambridge, 2018). Free online link here.

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