Junior Fellows - Biblical Studies

Junior Fellows are postgraduate research students registered for doctoral (or MPhil) research through any partner institution who have completed their probationary review. Listed below is the topic of each Fellows' research and the institution where they are registered. Further details about Fellows can be found by clicking on their name. Comments from former Junior Fellows are available

Joshua D. A. Bloor, 'Purifying the Consciousness: Purification, Sacrifice and the Soteriological Benefits in the Book of Hebrews' (NTC)

Julianne Burnett, 'Was Moses Perceived as a Magician? A Socio-historical Exploration of Moses's Wonder-working in the Narratives of the Pentateuch within the Context of Ancient Egyptian and Israelite Magic' (NTC)

Jim Moretz, 'Prayer and Partnership in the Gospel: How Paul Understood and Used Prayer as Formative For Those in Christ' (NTC)

James E. Sedlacek , 'The Verbal Aspect Inherent in the Perfect and Pluperfect Tense-Forms in the Pauline Corpus: A Semantic and Pragmatic Analysis' (NTC)

Ezekiel Shibemba, '"Restoration" and "Times of Refreshing" in Acts 3:19-21: Reflections on the People of God and the End of Age' (NTC)

Mi-Ja Wi, 'Shaping the Community: Rich and Poor as the People of God in the Gospel of Luke' (NTC)

Lindy Williams, 'Gardens in Ezekiel: A Changing Theology of Sacred Space in Response to the Challenge of Exile' (NTC)