MWRC Facilities

The Manchester Wesley Research Centre (MWRC) is equipped to provide a convenient, comfortable and welcoming study base for scholarly research. The Centre is available during long hours each day, and has its own secure library of carefully selected published and unpublished research aids and primary source materials. Of course, the Nazarene Theological College’s own library with librarian and inter-library loan facilities is also fully available to registered MWRC fellows.

The MWRC collection contains many rare printed books relating to the history and theology of the Wesleyan-Arminian tradition. One of the unique resources of the MWRC is the collection of over 200 largely unpublished theses. This is one of the world's largest collections of Ph.D. theses in the area of Wesleyan Studies. A catalogue of these theses and dissertations with a short summary of some of their contents is available (updated January 2017) [see also the list of theses obtained since March 2013.] Also accessible is the Nazarene Theological College’s own specialised library of about 50,000 volumes, housed in the new Emmanuel Centre which adjoins the rooms of the MWRC. The collection can be accessed through NTC's online catalogue. A catalogue of journals in Wesleyan Studies is also available.  

The MWRC is actively building its specialist library. Lists of books recently acquired by the MWRC can be found here: 2013-14 acquisitions, 2014-15 acquisitions, 2015-16 acquisitions, 2016-17 acquisitions, 2017-18 acquisitions. We also obtained donations/discounted purchases from Paul Taylor, the late Dr E. C. A. Huckett, and John H. Lenton in summer 2014. Recently major donations have been received from Revd Dr Stephen Hatcher, Revd Allan Longworth (1937-2017), Revd John Munsey Turner (1930-2018).

This, together with the specialist supervision available to assist students and scholars, makes the MWRC a uniquely attractive place for research into Methodist and Wesleyan studies.