The Manchester Wesley Research Centre was formally inaugurated on June 18th, 2003, at a service held at Nazarene Theological College (NTC), Didsbury, Manchester, England, as the concluding event of the major international conference, ‘John Wesley, Life, Legend & Legacy’ hosted by the University of Manchester.

Those taking part and signing the Charter included the Revd Colin H. Wood (Chairman of Governors NTC); Revd Dr Herbert B. McGonigle (Principal of NTC); Mr William G. Simpson (Director and University Librarian of John Rylands University Library of Manchester); Revd Dr Jerry Lambert (Commissioner for Education International Church of the Nazarene); Revd Dr John A. Newton (President of the Wesley Historical Society); Professor Elaine Graham (Samuel Ferguson Chair, Religions & Theology, The University of Manchester); Mr John Lenton (Convenor of the Methodist Church of Great Britain Archives and History Committee); and Dr Ronald Benefiel (President of Nazarene Theological Seminary, Kansas City).

History of MWRC Officers


Geordan Hammond (2010-), Administrator (2006-10)

Herbert B. McGonigle (2003-10)

Associate Director

David Bundy (2017-)

Visiting Director and International Representative

Howard A. Snyder (2015-16), International Representative from 2017

MWRC Library Assistant

Helen Stocker (2013-19)

MWRC Postgraduate Assistants

Fernando Carvalho (2018-19)

Jordan Bruen (2017-18)

Alex Parrish (2016-)

Kelly Diehl Yates (2014-16)

Christopher Foster (2011-13)

Joseph Wood (2010-11) 

Joseph W. Cunningham (2008-10)