Welcome to the MWRC

The Manchester Wesley Research Centre promotes and supports research on the life and work of John and Charles Wesley, their contemporaries in the 18th century Evangelical Revival, their historical and theological antecedents, their successors in the Wesleyan tradition, and contemporary scholarship in the Wesleyan and Evangelical tradition. This includes areas such as theology, history, biblical studies, education, ethics, literature, mission, philosophy, pastoral studies, practical theology, and social theology.

The MWRC is located on the campus of Nazarene Theological College in the Manchester suburb of Didsbury and is affiliated with the Methodist Archives, housed in The John Rylands Library. These research centres provide magnificent resources for students and researchers in this field.

The MWRC Brochure can be downloaded here. 


Contact Us

If you are interested in further information about the Wesley Centre and its programmes, or would like to be placed on the mailing list for information about forthcoming events, please contact the Visiting Director at the following address:

Manchester Wesley Research Centre
Dene Road
Didsbury, Manchester
England M20 2GU

MWRC Visiting Director
Howard A. Snyder, Ph.D.
Email: howard.snyder@asburyseminary.edu 

MWRC Co-Director
Geordan Hammond, Ph.D. 
Email: ghammond@nazarene.ac.uk

MWRC Assistant
Helen Stocker, M.Theol.

MWRC Postgraduate Assistant
Joshua D. A. Bloor, M. A. 
Email: jbloor@nazarene.ac.uk


Andrew Kloes's Reflections on His Time as MWRC Post-doctoral Fellow

"I am very grateful to NTC and MWRC for the opportunities that I had during the past six months as a postdoctoral research fellow. Manchester was an exciting city to live in and the College’s student and faculty community was a warm and inviting place to be.

I enjoyed pursuing my research interests in the special collections of the John Rylands Library. While working there, Dr Peter Nockles directed me to a copy of John Wesley’s Explanatory Notes upon the New Testament that Augustus Montague Toplady thoroughly annotated while he was a student at Trinity College, Dublin. These extensive annotations provide new insights into the public theological debates that Toplady had over ten years later with Wesley as well as those that occurred between Calvinists and Arminians within the eighteenth-century Church of England, more generally. I am currently working on a journal article manuscript based on this previously unstudied source.

Additionally, I believe that I have also grown professionally during my time at the MWRC. I had opportunities to work as a research assistant to Professor Howard Snyder and Dr Geordan Hammond, give several guest lectures, supervise a master’s degree student’s directed study, and perform academic administrative work for the College.

A special highlight for me was organising the summer Methodist Heritage Tour to Gloucester and Bristol. This was a great time shared with PhD students and staff from the college, deepening friendships and learning more about the early Methodist movement by visiting significant historical sites."


Kelly Yates's reflections on her time as MWRC PG Assistant

"Over the course of the two years, I served as postgraduate assistant for the MWRC. My main responsibility was keeping the website updated. It was a privilege keeping in touch with MWRC Fellows around the world so I could keep their profiles up to date.

I also spent time organising and promoting the Annual Lecture and Colloquium; updating bibliographical information of our library; and assisting with the George Whitefield letters project that Geordan Hammond has been spearheading.

The experience with the MWRC provided me with opportunities to meet dozens of scholars from around the world in Wesley studies, theology, and biblical studies. Most of all I enjoyed working with two of the world’s leading Wesley scholars, Howard Snyder and Geordan Hammond."


Josh Bloor is New MWRC Postgraduate Assistant

On 1 September, Josh Bloor assumes his responsibilities as the MWRC Postgraduate Assistant. Josh, who resides in Manchester, is a doctoral student at University of Manchester/Nazarene Theological College, having earlier completed a masters degree at NTC. His doctoral research is in biblical studies and focuses on the book of Hebrews. Josh has already done some work for the MWRC, having produced the current MWRC brochure.

Josh succeeds Kelly Yates, PhD student at NTC currently completing the final draft of her thesis. Kelly has served as PG Assistant for the past two years, helping with many details including maintaining the MWRC website. She has served with distinction, and the MWRC is pleased to have someone equally qualified to pick up the many MWRC administrative details that Kelly handled so well.

More information about Josh is found on the MWRC website: http://www.mwrc.ac.uk/joshua-d-a-bloor/  


Methodist Heritage Tour 22-23 June 2016

The MWRC led a Methodist Heritage Tour in Gloucester, Stroud, and Bristol on 22-23 June. Dr Andrew Kloes, postdoctoral fellow, organized the trip. Lectures were given by Dr Geordan Hammond and Dr Kloes on John Wesley and George Whitefield's travels and connections to the places visited. Highlights of the tour included visiting Gloucester Cathedral where George Whitefield was ordained, the Inn where Whitefield was born, and the church where Whitefield preached his first sermon. The seventeen tour participants at Gloucester Cathedral


Prof Kenneth J. Collins gives 2016 Annual Lecture

Dr Ken Collins gave the MWRC annual lecture today at the Nazarene Theological College, Manchester, Chapel. His lecture, 'The Method of John Wesley's Practical Theology Reconsidered' covered themes such as the Wesleyan Quadrilateral reconfigured and the style of Wesley's theological method. Over sixty faculty, students, and friends of the MWRC attended. To see the video of the lecture, click here