Junior Fellows - Church History, Theology, and Practical Theology 

Junior Fellows are postgraduate research students registered for doctoral (or MPhil) research through any partner institution who have completed their probationary review. Listed below is the topic of each Fellows' research and the institution where they are registered. Further details about Fellows can be found by clicking on their name. Comments from graduated Junior Fellows are available

Bethany Addington, 'Heavenly Host or Divine Guest?: The Holy Hospitality of the Triune God in Communion with Humanity' (NTC).

Robert Brewis, 'Handley Moule's Understanding of Progressive Sanctification in the Christian Life' (NTC).

Colleen Fitch, ‘Designing Theological Education: A Practical Theology Perspective’ (NTC).

Quinn Gervel, 'Character Transformation as the Goal of Spiritual Formation: Models in Middle-earth' (NTC).

James Jackson, 'Liminal Communities: third culture identity as opportunity and barrier in Every Nation church planting in central and western Europe’ (NTC)

Michael A. Lowenberg, '"… the unity of all of these constitutes the perfect man": St. Irenaeus on the Perfection of God’s Handiwork' (NTC).

Graham Meiklejohn, 'The Emerging Church’s Engagement with Postmodernism and a Critique through Trinitarian Ecclesiology' (NTC).

Robert C. Pelfrey, ‘The End is the Beginning: Spiritual Formation as Narrative and the Hero’s Journey in John of Ruusbroec’ (NTC).

Scott Savage, 'Reflexivity and Christian Witness in the life of William Stringfellow' (NTC). 

Crawford Stevener, ‘The Theology of William Goode,1801-1868’ (NTC).

JR Woodward, 'The Scandal of Leadership By Example: the Power of Imitation in the Imitation of Resisting and Redeeming the Powers' (NTC).