Barry W. Hamilton, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor of Historical and Contemporary Theology, Northeastern Seminary, Rochester, New York.

Dr Hamilton spent time in Manchester researching Richard Watson (1781-1833) in August 2008, and in 2012. He has been pursuing research on early British Methodism and has recently published a book on Watson: The Role of Richard Watson’s Theological Institutes in the Development of Methodism After John Wesley (Edwin Mellen Press, 2014). Dr Hamilton presented a paper on 'The Eternal Sonship Controversy in Early British Methodism' at the Nazarene Theological College/MWRC Seminar.

Select Publications

'The "Eternal Sonship" Controversy in Early British Methodism', Wesleyan Theological Journal 40:2 (Fall 2005), 220-238.

'The Corsicana Enthusiasts: A Pre-Pentecostal Millennial Sect', Wesleyan Theological Journal 39:1 (Spring 2004), 173-193.

William Baxter Godbey: Itinerant Apostle of the Holiness Movement (2000).