Ben Pugh, BA (Hons) (CNAA), MA (Manchester), PhD (Bangor)

Lecturer in New Testament and Applied Theology, Cliff College

A former artist and hippie, I underwent a fairly dramatic conversion as an art student and soon developed a fascination with the Bible and its theology. Later, while working full time as an administrator, I achieved an MA with Distinction in the Study of Pentecostal and Charismatic Issues from Manchester and followed this with a PhD, from Bangor, in the atonement in Pentecostal theology. I have lectured in church history and historical theology as far afield as India as well as working cross-culturally with African-led Bible colleges and churches in the UK. I am currently involved in the ministry of the Eagles Nest Church in Nottingham, a church that is dedicated to those who, like myself, are from un-churched backgrounds. I live in Nottingham with my wife Pearl and three children Abigail, Gracie and Reuben.

Current research interests are in recent re-appropriations of historic models of atonement theology, and also in the various theological innovations of the past 40 years of neo-Charismatic Christianity. My book, Atonement Theories: A Way Through the Maze is to be publisheded by Cascade.

Select Recent Publications

Atonement Theories: A Way Through the Maze (Cascade, 2014).

‘A Brief History of the Blood: the Story of the Blood of Christ in Transatlantic Evangelical Devotion', Evangelical Review of Theology 31:3 (2007), 239-255.

 '”Kicking the Daylights out of the Devil” The Victory Motif in Some Recent Atonement Theology', European Journal of Theology (forthcoming).

‘Subverted Hierarchies: Towards a Biblical Theology of Leadership', Journal of the European Pentecostal Theological Association 32:2 (2013), 125-142.

The King of the Jews: 28 Days with the Son of God (Resource, 2014).

The Old Rugged Cross: A History of the Cross in Christian Devotion (Cascade, forthcoming).

'The Mind of the Spirit: Explorations in the Relationship Between the Work of the Spirit and the Work of the Son,' Journal of the European Pentecostal Theological Association 32:1 (2012), 41-60.

‘The Spirit and the Cross: Insights from Barth and Möltmann into the Holy Spirit’s Relationship to the Cross of Christ’, Evangelical Review of Theology 36:4 (Oct 2012), 292-301.

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 "'Under the Blood' at Azusa Street: Exodus Typology at the Heart of Pentecostal Origins', Journal of Religious History (forthcoming).