Joseph Coleson, Ph.D. Professor of Old Testament and Director of Master of Arts in Theological Studies, Nazarene Theological Seminary.

Dr Coleson has taught at Nazarene Theological Seminary since 1995.

Select Publications

Study notes on Leviticus, Amos, Obadiah in The Nelson Study Bible, ed., Earl D. Radmacher, (Thomas Nelson, 1997).

Most of the “Verse-by-Verse Commentary” on Jeremiah in The Old Testament Study Bible: Jeremiah/Lamentations, ed., Gregory Lint (World Library Press, 2000).

Editor and contributor to the five-volume series, Wesleyan Theological Perspectives, published by Wesleyan Publishing House, 2006-2010.

Passion, Power, and Purpose 2006

The Church Jesus Builds 2007

Be Holy 2008

Treasure the Word 2009

Care of Creation 2010

Missio Dei: A Wesleyan Understanding (edited with Keith Schwanz) (Beacon Hill, 2011).

Genesis 1-11, New Beacon Bible Commentary, vol. 1 (Beacon Hill, 2012).

Research Supervision

Quinn Gervel (co-supervisor), Richard Liantonio (co-supervisor)