Crawford Stevener, BS (Vanderbilt University), MDiv (Reformed Theological Seminary)

‘The Theology of William Goode,1801-1868’ (NTC)

Crawford’s thesis focuses on William Goode, an Anglican cleric in the nineteenth century who published prolific theological works as well as a number of tracts championing Evangelical thought within the Church of England. His scholarly and popular writings were polemical in tone, often serving as responses to Church issues of his day and the ideas coming out of the Oxford Movement. Goode's substantial corpus is largely unstudied, which allows for a significant innovative and analytical project. His most robust contributions concerned the nature of the Sacraments, Scripture, and the Holy Spirit.

Crawford is a pastor-scholar ordained in the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). He currently serves as a Campus Minister at Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA with Reformed University Fellowship; previously he was serving at Duke University in Durham, NC. His scholarly interests include Systematic and Historical Theology, with a particular affinity for the Reformed tradition's perspective on Scripture, Sacraments, and Ecclesiology. In his spare time, Crawford enjoys spending time with his family, watching and playing basketball, and reading.

Crawford can be reached via email at crawford.stevener@gmail.com.