David A. Hull, ‘The principles and practices of the missiology of the Revd Dr Rob Frost and their legacy for the policy of contemporary British Methodism’

The Revd David A. Hull is a Methodist Minister, currently serving as Chaplain at Kingswood School, Bath.  He is Chair of Share Jesus International (www.sharejesusinternational.com) and of Methodist Evangelicals Together (www.methodistevangelicals.org.uk), and is a member of the Evangelical Alliance Council. He is undertaking research at Cliff College under the supervision of the Revd Dr Stephen Skuce. The research falls into three parts:

1) The ministry of the Revd Dr Rob Frost (1950 - 2007), particularly investigating the theology of mission and evangelism that informed his ministry.

2) The official theology, principles and practices of mission and evangelism within the British Methodist Church during the same period as Frost's ministry (1979 - 2007).

3) Lessons learned from Frost's legacy and proposals of characteristics for British Methodist missiology and theology of evangelism for the future.

Where the distinction is relevant, the focus is on 'home' rather than 'overseas' mission.

Email: david.hull@methodist.org.uk