David McEwan, Ph.D.

Academic Dean and Director of Research, Associate Professor of Theology and Pastoral Theology, Nazarene Theological College (Brisbane, Australia).; Director of the Australasian Centre for Wesleyan Research

Dr McEwan has pastored Nazarene churches in Scotland, England, and Australia before becoming Academic Dean and Lecturer in Theology at Nazarene Theological College, Brisbane, in 1997. In 2008 he became the Director of the Australasian Centre for Wesleyan Research. As well as graduate teaching for NTC-Manchester on a number of occasions, he has taught at a number of theological colleges in Australia and at other Nazarene colleges in the USA and the Asia-Pacific region. His Ph.D. thesis was published by Paternoster Press under the title Wesley as a Pastoral Theologian,and itfocusedon John Wesley’s theological methodology in pastoral practice. He is currently researching and writing a new book that will be published by Paternoster Press which examines the interrelationship of love, holiness and happiness in John Wesley’s theology and its implications for spiritual formation today. He spent significant research time at the MWRC for both the thesis and the new book. His current research interests are: Wesleyan ecclesiology and its implications for worship and mission; articulating the doctrine of Christian Perfection for today; Wesleyan theological method and its implications/application for pastoral ministry and spiritual formation.

Select Publications

Exploring a Wesleyan Theology (Global Nazarene Publication, 2017).

Wesley as Pastoral Theologian: Theological Methodology in John Wesley's Doctrine of Christian Perfection (Paternoster, 2011).

'Wesleyan Connectionalism and Nazarene Ecclesiology: Insights and Implications for Future Directions', Didache: Faithful Teaching 13/2 (Winter 2014), 1-14.

The Life of God in the Soul: The Integration of Love, Holiness and Happiness in the Thought of John Wesley (Paternoster, 2015).

Research Supervision

Current: Colleen Fitch (co-supervisor), David Lunn (co-supervisor)