Rev. Deanna Hayden, BA (Philosophy/Theology, Point Loma Nazarene University), MDiv (Nazarene Theological Seminary)

'A Wesleyan Theology of Spiritual Leadership Rooted in Social Trinitarianism' (NTC)

Born and raised in San Diego, California, Deanna moved to Kansas City, Missouri after spending two years in South Korea as a teacher. She has been in pastoral ministry since 2005 and is currently the Lead Pastor of Southwood Church of the Nazarene. She lives in Raytown, Missouri, with her husband, Ben, and two children, Josiah and Hannah.

Her project seeks to articulate a theology for leadership which looks beyond the typical goals of success or effectiveness, to find a deeper purpose grounded in Wesleyan theology and trinitarian theology. The project also addresses the spiritual development and awareness of the leader as it relates to this theology.

Her primary personal interest is spending time with her family as they play games, eat ice cream and go camping. She also enjoys playing the flute, learning the songs and calls of birds, and engaging in meaningful conversation with friends over a cup of coffee.