Elaine%20Graham.jpgElaine Graham, Ph.D., Samuel Ferguson Professor of Social and Pastoral Theology, University of Manchester. 

Professor Graham's research has encompassed the subject of the Impact of gender theory on the discipline of pastoral studies within the Western Christian tradition, religion and the body, the interface of theology and technology, and theology and social theory.

She was a member of the Commission on Urban Life and Faith, a multi-faith and ecumenical group convened by the Church of England, which was set up to examine the state of our cities and towns twenty years on from the report, Faith in the City. Its report has now been published: Faithful Cities: a call for Celebration, Vision and Justice (Methodist Publishing House: 2006).

She also co-ordinated some research for CULF which examines how faith-based organizations are coming to terms with economic and demographic changes in their local neighbourhoods. You can access that material on the Communities in Transition website: www.arts.manchester.ac.uk/cit.

Meanwhile, she is continuing to work in the area of Practical Theology, and most recently has attempted to develop a new and original approach to the vexed subject of `theological reflection' with Heather Walton and Frankie Ward. Theological Reflection: Methods was published by SCM Press in 2005 and will be followed by a second volume of primary texts in 2007.

Email: elaine.graham@manchester.ac.uk