Eryn White, B.A,. Ph.D.

Reader in History, Aberystwyth University

Dr White is interested in early modern Welsh history in general, with special research interests in religion, literacy, print culture, women and society in 18th-century Wales. Her most recent publication is a study of aspects of the impact of the Welsh Bible on piety, literacy and culture. She has studied various aspects of the Methodist Revival in Wales, including its appeal, the role of women, questions of identity, the relation to the Welsh language and to education and the attitude to consumerism. She is currently working on a collaborative volume on the early history of Calvinistic Methodism in England and Wales and plans further work on women and religion in eighteenth-century Wales. 

Select Publications

“A Breach in God’s House”: The Division in Welsh Calvinistic Methodism, 1750-63’, in Nigel Yates ed., Bishop Burgess and His World: Culture, Religion and Society in Britain, Europe and North America in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries (University of Wales Press, 2007), 85-102.

‘“I will once more shake the heavens”: The 1762 Revival in Wales’, Studies in Church History 44 (2008).

‘The Material World, Moderation and Methodism in Eighteenth-century Wales’, Welsh History Review 23 (2007), 44-64.

‘“The People Called Methodists”: Early Welsh Methodism and the Question of Identity’, Journal of Welsh Religious History (new series) 1 (2001), 1-14.

“The World, the Flesh and the Devil” and the Early Methodist Societies of south-west Wales’, Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion (1996), 45-61.

‘Women in the Early Methodist Societies in Wales’, Journal of Welsh Religious History 7 (1999), 95-108.