James Jackson, BA (UNC-Chapel Hill), MA (NTC)

Thesis, ‘Liminal Communities: third culture identity as opportunity and barrier in Every Nation church planting in central and western Europe’ (NTC)

James is working under the supervision of David McCulloch with Peter Rae. His research explores issues of culture, ecclesial identity, hybrid identity, belonging, contextualisation, and missional opportunities in cross-cultural church planting.

An American Briton originally from North Carolina, James is an ordained minister with Every Nation churches. His ministry career has focused on cross-cultural church planting in Ukraine (1990-1999) and Scotland (2005-present). He serves on the regional leadership team for Every Nation, Europe and is director of the Every Nation School of Ministry, Europe.

James and Jean married in 1990 and together they have six daughters. They chose Scotland as home, and choose to remain there, because of the lovely weather. Also, James uses ‘European’ as an adjective to clarify the kind of football being discussed.

email: indigoflood@gmail.com