E. Jerome Van Kuiken, Ph.D. (NTC)

'The Relationship of the Fall to Christ's Humanity: Patristic Theology as an Arbiter of the Modern Debate', 2014.

Jerome is Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Religion at Oklahoma Wesleyan University, USA. He holds a BA in Religion from Kentucky Mountain Bible College and an MDiv from Wesley Biblical Seminary. An ordained minister, Jerome has served as an assistant pastor, pulpit supply preacher, and camp meeting Bible study leader.

Recent Publications

'Convergence in the ‘Reformed’ Theologies of T. F. Torrance and Jacobus Arminius: A Preliminary Survey', in Keith Stanglin and Mark Mann, eds., Reconsidering Arminius: Beyond the Reformed and Wesleyan Divide (Abingdon, 2014).

Review of Beth Felker Jones, Practicing Christian Doctrine, in the Wesleyan Theological Journal (Spring 2015).

'Edward Irving on Christ’s Sinful Flesh and Sanctifying Spirit: A Wesleyan Appraisal', Wesleyan Theological Journal (Spring 2014). 

Email: jvankuiken@okwu.edu