Joseph W. Cunningham, M.A. (Aquinas Institute of Theology), Ph.D. (NTC), ‘Perceptible Inspiration: A Model for John Wesley’s Pneumatology’, 2010, published as John Wesley's Pneumatology: Perceptible Inspiration (Ashgate, 2014)

Dr Cunningham's study explores John Wesley’s theology of the Holy Spirit by using the doctrine of perceptible inspiration – which Wesley elucidated in a series of letters between 1745 and 1748 – as its model. He is lecturer in Philosophy and Religious Studies at Saginaw Valley State University in Michigan, an assistant editor of Wesley and Methodist Studies, and senior pastor at Saginaw First Free Methodist Church.


John Wesley’s Pneumatology: Perceptible Inspiration (Ashgate/Routledge, 2014/16)

The Path of Holiness: Perspectives in Wesleyan Thought in Honor of Herbert McGonigle (Emeth Press, 2014)

Essays/Peer-Reviewed Articles

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