Karl L. Ganske, 'The Religion of the Heart and Growth in Grace: John Wesley's Selection and Editing of Puritan Literature for A Christian Library' (NTC), 2009.

Karl completed his doctoral research at Nazarene Theological College under the direction of Dr Herbert McGonigle. His PhD thesis is a study of John Wesley’s selection and editing of Puritan literature for A Christian Library. The dissertation explores Wesley’s pastoral application of practical divinity, ideas of growth in grace, the religion of the heart, 17th and 18th century religious psychology, and the use of metaphor in theological communication.

While a doctoral student, Karl taught theology and philosophy at European Nazarene College in Büsingen, Germany and at Northwest Nazarene University, in Nampa, Idaho, USA. Since completing his doctoral degree, Karl has served as a pastor of spiritual development in Dodge City, Kansas and as lead pastor of Springwater Church of the Nazarene in Gresham, Oregon.

Karl’s research in his time as post-doctoral fellow was conducted with hopes of resourcing a conversation between the New Perspective on Paul and historical theology. The central topic in this research and which has specifically gained attention in light of the New Perspective is the idea of the gospel. His research looks at New Perspective critiques of past interpretation in the particular context of the writings of John Wesley. He was resident in Manchester from July through December 2017.

Papers and Publications

Preaching Christ: John Wesley’s Definition of the Gospel, 1746–51’, Wesley and Methodist Studies,11/2 (2019).

‘Moravians’, ‘the Orthodox Church’, and ‘Puritanism’ for Global Wesleyan Dictionary of Theology (Kansas City: Beacon Hill, 2013).

‘John Wesley's Relationship to Puritanism’, Tyndale Fellowship, Cambridge (2005).

‘Studies on Puritanism, John Wesley's Relationship to the Puritan Tradition, and A Christian Library’, NTC Postgraduate Seminar (2004).

Email: dr.karl.ganske@gmail.com

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