Karl L. Ganske, 'The Religion of the Heart and Growth in Grace: John Wesley's Selection and Editing of Puritan Literature for A Christian Library' (NTC), 2009.

Karl completed his doctoral research at Nazarene Theological College under the direction of Dr Herbert McGonigle after having completed an MA in Christian Thought at Nazarene Theological Seminary with a thesis on ‘Nicholas Ferrar and George Herbert in the Works of John Wesley’. His PhD thesis is a study of John Wesley’s selection and editing of Puritan literature for A Christian Library. It isolates themes that Wesley related to ‘real Christianity’ and to ‘the religion of the heart’ as keys to Wesley’s choices for inclusion and relationship to the Puritan tradition. It draws attention to the nature of ‘practical divinity’ and the practical theological design of the library. During the course of his research he has presented several papers including: ‘Studies on Puritanism, John Wesley's Relationship to the Puritan Tradition, and A Christian Library’, NTC Postgraduate Seminar (2004) and ‘John Wesley's Relationship to Puritanism’, Tyndale Fellowship, Cambridge (2005). He currently serves as Pastor of Springwater Church of the Nazarene in Gresham, Oregon.

Email: klganske@yahoo.com  

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