Keith E. Beebe, Ph.D.

Professor of Church History, Department of Theology, Whitworth University, Washington

A member of faculty at Whitworth University since 1997, Keith Beebe has a Ph.D in Ecclesiastical History from the University of Aberdeen.

During his time as research fellow, he examined the roles George Whitefield and John Wesley played in Scottish Evangelicalism and their interactions as demonstrated through correspondence and cooperative efforts with Evangelical clergy in the Calvinistic context of the Church of Scotland.

He located extant archival materials to shed light on this area and some of the specialised collections and made use of: The William Seward Collection, The Wesley Family Papers, The Fletcher-Booth Collection, The Personal Papers of Samuel Bardsley and the Early Preachers Collection. Dr Beebe is working on incorporating this research into a book project on the Cambuslang Revival. 

Over the past decade his scholarly work has focused upon eighteenth-century Scottish Evangelicalism and he is currently working on a narrative book project-tentatively titled Born Again at Cambuslang-The Scottish Evangelical Awakening.

Select Recent Publications

The McCulloch Examinations of the Cambuslang Revival (1742): Conversion Narratives from the Scottish Evangelical Awakening. A Critical Edition, vols 1 & II (The Boydell Press, 2013)

"Touched by Fire : Presbyterians and Revival" Theology Matters, 6:2 (April/March, 2000), 1-8.