Matthew J. McIntosh, Ph.D.

‘Second Isaiah and the Nature of Bible: Textual Pluriformity in Second Temple Judaism’ (NTC)

Matthew earned his Ph.D. in 2015. In his thesis Matthew sought to understand, through a detailed comparative textual study of the Qumran manuscripts pertaining to the scriptural book of Isaiah, chapters 40-55, the state of the text of these chapters in the late Second Temple period of Judaism, to consider the allowable limits of scribal activity, and through these efforts to learn something about the ongoing compositional process and transmissional history of the text of this section of Isaiah.

Matthew serves as upper school Bible teacher at Whitefield Academy, a classical Christian school in Kansas City, Missouri, a post he has held since 2000. Matthew is married to Amy, and together they raise four children: William, Samuel, Hope, and Naomi, surrounded by dogs and cats, chickens and ducks.