Maximilian J. Hölzl, M.Phil. (University of Manchester/ Cliff College)

'Non-Conformist Evangelical Anticipations of Post-Christendom Mission: Exemplified in Puritanism and Pietism' (NTC)

Maximilian Hölzl completed his M.Phil., 'The Methodist Movement as Anticipation of Post-Christendom Mission’, under the supervision of Dr Philip R. Meadows. He has presented papers both at the Oxford-Manchester Methodist Studies Seminars and at the international tercentenary conference ‘George Whitefield at 300’ at Pembroke College, Oxford. Maximilian has made presentations, lectured, and preached in the USA, England, France, Germany, Lithuania, Belgium, Netherlands, Turkey, and Nepal. He obtained an M.A. in Missiology from Columbia International University, studied Classical Languages (Hebraicum, Graecum, Latinum), and Theology at the Universities of Tübingen, Heidelberg and Greifswald. Maximilian has extensive professional experience as pastor, evangelist, speaker, and translator, and has lectured in the areas of Missiology, Practical Theology, Religious Freedom, Church History, and New Testament Theology. Recently, he served as a guest lecturer at Nepal Baptist Bible College and Kathmandu Institute of Theology. Maximilian is currently working on a Ph.D. thesis on non-conformist evangelical anticipations of post-Christendom mission. This is exemplified in 17th century Puritanism and 18th century Pietism. These movements will be investigated through the lenses of their key representatives in England, namely John Bunyan and John Wesley.

Select Publications:

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