Steve Johnson, Ph.D. (NTC)

 'John Wesley's Liturgical Theology: His Sources, Unique Contributions and Synthetic Practice' (2016)

Steve serves as pastor of the Nall Avenue Church of the Nazarene in Kansas City, Kansas. His thesis explores the sources that shaped Wesley’s traditional liturgy and practice.

Steve last presented a paper at the 2013 Wesleyan Theological Society conference: 'John Wesley and Catechism: Wesley's Pastoral Usage of Catechism as a Conduit for Holiness Teaching', and presented at the 2012 WTS meeting: 'To Honor God and Edify the Church: John Wesley's Theology of Worship as a way of Understanding His Moral Theology'. 

In 2011, Steve particapted in the Wesley Summer Studies Seminar at Asbury Theological Seminary, and presented a paper called: 'John Wesley's Sunday Service and its Place in His Pastoral and Liturgical Theology'. He presented a paper at the Ecclesiastical History Society Postgraduate Conference on the History of Christianity at the University of Manchester in 2010.  

Steve also presented papers at the 2006 and 2009 meetings of the Wesleyan Theological Society. He has pastored churches in Indiana, Tennesee, and Texas.