John D. Walsh, Ph.D. (Cantab.)

Emeritus Fellow Jesus College, Oxford.

Dr Walsh is a highly-regarded authority on the Church of England and Methodism in the Eighteenth Century. He has co-edited with Colin Haydon and Stephen Taylor the well-received re-assessment of the Church of England entitled The Church of England c. 1689-c. 1833 (1993). He has also published a number of influential articles on John Wesley and early Methodism including: ‘Methodism and the Mob in the 18th Century’, in Popular Belief and Practice, Studies in Church History 8 (1972), 213-27; ‘John Wesley and the community of goods’, in Protestant Evangelicalism: Britain, Ireland, Germany and America, c.1750-c.1950: Essays in Honour of W. R. Ward (1990), 25-50; '"Methodism" and the origins of English-speaking evangelicalism'. in Evangelicalism: Comparative Studies of Popular Protestantism in North America, the British Isles and Beyond, 1700-1990 (1994), 19-37; John Wesley 1703-1791: A Bicentennial Tribute (1995); '"The bane of industry"? Popular evangelicalism and work in the eighteenth century', in The use and abuse of time in Christian history, Studies in Church History 37 (2002), 223-41; 'John Wesley's Deathbed: Sarah Wesley's Account', Proceedings of the Wesley Historical Society 56:1 (2007), 1-9. Revival and Religion Since 1700: Essays for John Walsh (1993) was published in his honour. Dr Walsh delievered the 2006 MWRC Annual Lecture titled ‘John Wesley: Celebrity and Holy Man.’