Deirdre Brower Latz, Principal and Senior Lecturer in Pastoral and Social Theology, Nazarene Theological College. 

Dr Brower Latz completed her University of Manchester PhD thesis titled: ‘A Contextual Reading of John Wesley's Theology and the Emergent Church: Critical Reflections on the Emergent Church Movement in Respect to Aspects of Wesley’s Theology, Ecclesiology and Urban Poverty’.  She has written book reviews for the Evangelical Quarterly and has a number of sermons published in Preachers Magazine.

Select Publications

Book Review, Plummer, Journeys of Faith inEvangelical Quarterly, Vol. LXXXVI No.3 (July 2014).

Methodist Recorder monthly column 2014-2015: Spirituality and conflict.

‘The Globalization of Holiness?’ in Renovating Holiness (SacraSage Press, 2015)

Book Review, Quayesi-Amakye, Christology and Evil in Ghana. Towards a Pentecostal Public Theology, European Journal of Theology (January 2015).

Book Review, Hauerwas, Stanley, ‘Approaching the End: Eschatological Reflections on Church, Politics and Life’, Evangelical Quarterly.

Associate Editor, Global Wesleyan Dictionary of Biblical Theology.

‘Dear Church:  speaking to people in love.’ In Holiness Today (August/September 2015).

‘Entire Sanctification’ in Holiness Today (January 2016)

'Gender, Ethnicity, and Economics' in Postmodern and Wesleyan: Exploring the Boundaries and Possibilities eds Jay Akkerman, Thomas Oord and Brent Peterson (Beacon Hill Press, 2010).

'The Dynamic of Holiness' in Conversations on Holiness ed. Keith Davenport (Beacon Hill Press, 2014).

'Cultural Correlation: The "Postmodern" Marks of the Church' in Essential Church: A Wesleyan Ecclesiology eds Mark A. Maddix and Diane LeClerc (Nazarene Publishing House, 2014).

Research Supervision

Current Supervision: Quinn Gervel, Brooklin Taylor

Past supervision: Tammie Grimm (co-supervisor), Paul Hoffman, Graham Meiklejohn

Deirdre Brower Latz's CV

Email: dbrowerlatz@nazarene.ac.uk