Joshua D. A. Bloor BA, MA (Manchester)

'Purifying the Consciousness: Purification, Sacrifice and the Soteriological Benefits in the Book of Hebrews' (NTC)

Joshua began his doctoral thesis in 2014 under the supervision of Dr Svetlana Khobnya & Dr Kent Brower. His thesis is concerned with how the book of Hebrews understands the idea of the consciousness (συνείδησις) within its sacrificial and cultic context (with specific focus on the cultic dialogue of chapters 9–10). As a result, the Day of Atonement ritual, the use of blood, and aspects of purification are crucial themes within the project. 

Select Publications:

“New Directions in Western Soteriology.” Theology 118 (May/June 2015); 179–187.

“Revisiting Wesley’s Ethics and his Ministry to the Poor: Social, Economical, and Medical Solutions.” Wesleyan Theological Journal 50:2 (Autumn: 2015); 80–95.