Svetlana Khobnya, Ph.D.

Senior Lecturer in Biblical Studies and Languages, Nazarene Theological College

Dr Khobnya completed her PhD thesis titled 'The Father Who Redeems and the Son Who Obeys: Consideration of Paul’s Teaching in Romans' in 2011. She recently published her thesis with Wipf and Stock under the same title. She has published several articles in the Pauline area and has done collaborative translation for the Journal of Semitic Studies Supplement.

Dr Khobnya taught German and the theory of linguistics for a number of years at Volgograd State Pedagogical University in Russia. She is an adjunct faculty member at European Nazarene College and has taught New Testament courses in different learning centres. At the moment she is completing the Humanites New Academic Programme at the University of Manchester.  She is an ordained minister in the Church of the Nazarene, a member of the Tyndale Fellowship Society, British New Testament Society and a reviewer for the Journal for the Study of the New Testament. She is teaching and supervising in the area of Biblical Studies and Languages.

Select Publications

“Reconciliation Must Prevail. A Fresh Look at 2 Corinthians 5:14–6:2” in European Journal of Theology 25 (2016).

'Holiness in relation to Purity in Ephesians', in Renovating Holiness, eds Joshua Broward and Thomas Oord (Nampa: Sacra Sage Press, 2015).

The Father Who Redeems and the Son Who Obeys: Consideration of Paul's Teaching in Romans (Wipf and Stock, 2014)

The Palmyrene Tax Tariff by I. S. Shifman (translated and edited with Dr. John F. Healey), Journal of Semitic Studies Supplement 33 (Oxford University Press, 2014).

'"The Root' in Paul’s Olive Tree Metaphor (Romans 11:16-24)',Tyndale Bulletin 64/2 (2013): 257-273

'God the Father in the Old Testament', in European Journal of Theology 20 (2011): 139-148.

Research Supervision

Current Supervision: Joshua BloorJames Sedlacek, Nabil Habiby (co-supervisor), Jonathan Darby

Past Supervision: Mi Ja Wi (co-supervisor)

Svetlana Khobnya's CV