The Oxford Centre for Methodism and Church History, Oxford Brookes University, and the Manchester Wesley Research Centre have worked in partnership for several years. In 2012, the centres established a bi-annual seminar series that has now extended to include the Wesley Study Centre, St John’s College, Durham University; Wesley House, Cambridge; Cliff College; and The Queen's Foundation, Birmingham. The seminars provide an opportunity for established and emerging scholars of Methodist Studies to present the findings of their research. We conceive of Methodist Studies broadly and aim to provide opportunities for students of history, theology, literature, art, material culture and other fields related to Methodism.

The next seminar—co-organized by the MWRC and Cliff College—will be in Manchester at Nazarene Theological College on Friday 6 December 2019. The programme is available here. Attendance, including lunch, is free of charge; however, please register by emailing by 27 November. In light of this being the 75th anniversary year of the establishment of Nazarene Theological College, the main theme of the seminar is the history and theology of the Holiness Movement in the UK. For those at a distance from Manchester it will be live-streamed on the MWRC YouTube Page.

The 2020 seminars will be in Durham on Monday 11 May and in Oxford c. early December.

The inaugural seminars were held in April 2012 in Oxford and December 2012 in Manchester, the 2013 seminars in April 2013 in Oxford and November 2013 in Manchester, the 2014 seminars in April 2014 in Oxford and December 2014 in Manchester, and the 2015 seminars in April in Oxford and December in Manchester. The April 2016 seminar was in Durham and December seminar in Oxford. The April 2017 seminar was in Cambridge and the December 2017 seminar was in Durham. The April 2018 seminar was at the John Rylands Library and the December 2018 seminar was in Birmingham. The May 2019 seminar was in Cambridge. Videos of the presentations can from the April 2018 seminar can be accessed on the MWRC YouTube page.

Contacts for the Seminars

Papers delivered at the seminars can be considered for publication in journals connected to the sponsoring institutions: Wesley and Methodist Studies (Manchester and Oxford), Theology and Ministry (Durham), Holiness (Cambridge). 

For enquiries relating to Oxford-Birmingham seminars contact Dr Peter Forsaith: and Dr Judith Rossall: 

For enquiries relating to Manchester seminars contact Dr Geordan Hammond: and Dr George Bailey:

For enquiries relating to Durham seminars contact Dr Liz Kent:

For enquiries relating to Cambridge seminars contact Dr Andrew Stobbart:

April 2017 Seminar at Wesley House, Cambridge

April 2017 Seminar at Wesley House, Cambridge