Joseph Wood, MTS, MA, PhD (NTC)

Lecturer in Church History, Nazarene Theological College.  

Joseph began his doctoral research in September 2008 with Dr David Rainey as primary supervisor and completed the project titled 'Tensions Between Evangelical Theology and the Established Church: John Wesley's Ecclesiology' in October 2012. Offering a new interpretation of Wesley's ecclesiology, Joseph seeks to read Wesley's evangelical theology within an Anglican framework. From the Abstract: 'The present work promotes a new perspective on certain evangelical practices that are integrated with Wesley’s Anglican roots. In developing this model of interpretation, Wesley emerges as an Anglican theologian whose ecclesiology is a fusion of sacramental holiness and evangelical practice.' 

Joseph also directs the Study Abroad programme for NTC.

Current Supervision

Past Supervision

Isaac Hopper (co-supervisor), Joel Houston (co-supervisor)

Joseph's CV