Testimonials from Graducated MWRC Junior Fellows

Stephen Brian Yeich, Ph.D., University of Manchester/Cliff College (2015):

‘The Manchester Wesley Research Centre is an invaluable resource for scholars researching in the area of Wesley or Methodist studies. I found the staff to be both knowledgeable and willing to assist in the selection of relevant materials, whether from the collection of theses, journals or rare historical documents. The additional connection with the John Rylands Library makes the MWRC an essential resource for the serious Wesleyan scholar. The experience is further enhanced by the wonderful environment on the Nazarene Theological College campus.'

Christine Johnson, Ph.D., University of Manchester/Nazarene Theological College (2014): 

'The Manchester Wesley Research Centre houses a collection of material that encompasses rare works and the latest research in the field of Wesley and Methodist studies. The extensive selection of doctoral theses were especially valuable to my research. The MWRC staff were also very knowledgeable and helpful in identifying material that was specific to my area of study, and the Centre’s partnership with the JohnRylands Library provided invaluable opportunities for further scholarly investigation and dialogue. I highly recommend the MWRC for anyone who would like to delve deeper into the Wesleyan–Methodist tradition.' 

Kiyeong Chang, Ph.D., University of Manchester/Nazarene Theological College (2012):

'When I first came to the MWRC at Nazarene Theological College for my doctoral study after finishing MA degree at Asbury Theological Seminary in the USA, everything there was like a fairy tale: tiny houses, old books, and a community of scholars enjoying having tea together. During my study and even more after finishing my PhD degree, I am thankful for how the great environment, resources, and networks of the MWRC has positively shaped my research in Wesley Studies. I appreciate the support I received from MWRC scholars (Dr Hammond, the director of the MWRC and my wonderful supervisor, among others), the family atmosphere, and the living holiness tradition that gave me much peace of mind, seeing that God and His people are always ready to assist me and my family. During my PhD study, I felt surrounded by God’s presence in a scholarly community committed to Him. Although I still participate in the MWRC from afar, I miss being more embedded in the life of the MWRC.'

David Wilson, Ph.D., University of Manchester (2010):

'The MWRC has been an invaluable resource for my research. The book collection includes many hard-to-find printed works, including the increasingly rare Works of John Fletcher. In addition, there are numerous journals related to ecclesiastical history and Wesleyan studies, including a nearly complete set of the Proceedings of the Wesleyan Historical Society, available on open shelves. Also very useful to me has been the collection of theses (which continues to grow), providing access to unpublished scholarly work otherwise unavailable in the UK in a single location. As an important complement to the Methodist Archives at the John Rylands University Library of Manchester, I am glad to see the MWRC active in building its reference collection and hosting scholarly conferences.'

J. Gregory Crofford, Ph.D, University of Manchester/Nazarene Theological College (2008):

'If "great things have small beginnings", then the Manchester Wesley Research Centre is a prime example. By gathering together in one place a treasure trove of materials on Wesley studies and early Methodism, the MWRC has saved me much time and effort. Of particular value is the broad collection of master’s and doctoral level theses useful in identifying a research topic and its parameters. As one nearing completion of doctoral research, I heartily commend to others the MWRC and its helpful staff.'