Visiting Research Fellows

Visiting Research Fellows are scholars who conduct research through the Centre.

We are currently accepting applications for the 2020 MWRC-University of Manchester Joint Visiting Research Fellowship, MWRC Visiting Research Fellowship, and Sabbatical Fellowship. Applications are due by 13 January and 31 January 2020 respectively. Further details and application materials can be found by clicking on the names of each fellowship above.

For the MWRC Visiting Research Fellowship, there is occasionally an early deadline of mid-November for applicants who need to plan ahead and would like a decision on their application in November. Usually in these cases the applicant would prefer to be resident in the first half of 2020. There will not be not be an early deadline unless this is requested by a prospective applicant. If there is an early deadline, a maximum of one fellowship will be granted for it. This will ensure that there will be at least one fellowship available for applicants who apply for the second deadline.

Prospective Visiting Fellows are encouraged to read our 'Guide to Research in Manchester'.

For an accommodation form with terms and conditions, click here.

The MWRC currently has three annual Visiting Fellow programmes: the joint programme with the Rylands, the MWRC programme, the and the programme with Point Loma Nazarene University. Additionally, we are willing to discuss the possibility of helping to facilitate self-funded research visits or sabbaticals from scholars and pastors. Information about current and past Visiting Fellows can be found below.

MWRC-University of Manchester Joint Visiting Research Fellows

2019: Stéphanie Prévost, Ph.D., (Université Paris Diderot), Project: ‘The Liberal Non-Conformist Conscience and the Eastern Question: Appraising the Liberal Internationalist Turn. An Investigation in Methodist, Congregationalist, and Quaker Circles and Print (1875-1915)’. Dr Prévost’s reflections on his experience can be found here.

2018: Alan M. Guenther, Ph.D., (Briercrest College and Seminary [Saskatchewan, Canada]), Project: 'The Globalization of Methodist Worship' focusing on the 19th century 'growth of the number of songs from the United States and other countries included in Methodist hymnals published in Britain', including contributions that may have come from converts in mission settings. Prof Guenther's reflections on his experience can be found here. A video recording of his presentation ‘“Go Ye Messengers of God”: Global Awareness in 19th Century Methodist Hymn Books’ can be watched here.

2017: Christopher H. Evans, Ph.D., (Boston University School of Theology), Project: 'Institutionalizing Social Holiness: Methodism and the Rise of Transatlantic Social Christianity, 1870-1910'. Prof Evans's research centred on transatlantic Methodism in the late nineteenth century, focusing on the role of British Methodist 'sisterhoods' formed in the 1880s, culminating with the establishment of the Wesley Deaconess Institute in the Wesleyan Methodist Church in 1890. Based on this research he has published '"The Nobelist Ideals of Service": Sister Jeanie Banks's Sojourn in London's East End, 1888-1893', Methodist History, 56/4 (July 2018). Prof Evans's reflections on his experience can be found here.

2016: David Bebbington, Ph.D., (University of Stirling). Project: Methodist growth in the British Isles during the Victorian Era. During his residency Prof Bebbington presented a paper titled, 'The Mid-Victorian Revolution in Wesleyan Methodist Home Mission', which has been published in the Journal of Ecclesiastical History, 70:1 (Jan. 2019). The video recording of the presentation can be watched here. Prof Bebbington's reflections on his experience can be found here.

2015: Cindy Aalders, D.Phil., Project: The Methodist Child in Eighteenth-Century England.

MWRC Visiting Research Fellows

2019: Ulrike Schuler, Ph.D., (Reutlingen School of Theology, Germany), Project: research on the Tolpuddle Martyrs to be published in Wesley and Methodist Studies. She was resident in spring 2019.

2019: Arseny Ermakov, Ph.D., (Eva Burrows College/University of Divinity [Melbourne, Australia]), Project: ‘Jesus the Purifier: A Reading of Gospel Purity Texts in the Light of Greco-Roman Religious Traditions’. He is resident in June and July 2019.

2019: Andrew F. Walls, Ph.D., (Retired historian of missions), Project: ‘Evangelical Conversion in Historical Perspective’. He is resident in July and August 2019.

2019: Ingrid Reneau Walls, Ph.D. (Independent scholar), Project: ‘Early African American Methodist Activists in the Public Sphere’. She is resident in July and August 2019.

2018: Jayhoon Yang, Ph.D., (Hyupsung University, South Korea), Project: Writing a commentary on the Sermon on the Mount from Wesleyan perspective. Dr Yang is resident in the UK for the 2018-19 academic year.

2018: Kimberly Ervin Alexander, Ph.D., (School of Divinity, Regent University [Virginia]), Project: 'Bearing Witness: Spirit Baptism in the Life of the Pentecostal and Her Community' focusing on 'the personal and communal meaning and significance of the experience of Spirit baptism for the Pentecostal tradition'. Prof Alexander’s reflections on his experience can be found here. A video of her presentation ‘Receiving the Spirit in the Early Pentecostal Body: Sanctification, Spirit Baptism, and the Lamb Slain for Sinners’ can be found here.

2018: Sarah Heaner Lancaster, Ph.D., (Methodist Theological School in Ohio), Project: work on volume 14 of The Works of John Wesley (Doctrinal and Controversial Treatises III) focusing on John Wesley's writings in response to the Moravians. 

2017: Stanley J. Rodes, Ph.D., (Global Education and Clergy Development, Church of the Nazarene). Project: ‘Testing the Tenability of John Wesley’s Soteriology: The Historical Roots and Theological Gravity of an Early Nineteenth-Century Methodist Controversy on the Witness of the Spirit’. His research focused on debates concerning Wesley’s understanding of the witness of the Spirit in relation to justifying faith and their implications for the subsequent trajectory of Methodist soteriology. Further details on his research plans can be found here. A video of Stan's reflections on his experience can be found at this link.

2016: James Pedlar, Ph.D., (Tyndale Seminary, Toronto). Project: ‘Charism, Renewal and Wesleyan Identity: Interpreting the Emergence of Primitive Methodism’. Dr Pedlar's reflections on his experience can be found here. An audio recording of his presentation on 'Schism and the Spirit in Hugh Bourne's Theology' can be heard here

2016: Priscilla Pope-Levison, Ph.D., (Southern Methodist University). Project: Women in the Pentecostal League of Prayer (an interdenominational holiness movement established in 1891). An article on her research was published here. An audio recording of her presentation, ‘Pentecost in the Churches: Women in the Pentecostal League of Prayer’, can be heard here. The paper was published in Wesley and Methodist Studies, 10:1 (Jan. 2018). 

2015: Glen O'Brien, Ph.D., Associate Professor in Church History, Sydney College of Divinity, Head of Theology, School for Christian Studies, Booth College. Project: John Wesley's Political Writings. 

2015: David Bundy, Ph.D., Visiting Professor at Seoul Theological University and Research Professor of World Christian Studies at New York Theological Seminary. Project: The English Roots of the Korean and Japanese Holiness Churches. 

2014: Andrew O. Winckles, Ph.D., Assistant Professor and Chair, Adrian College. Project: Research on Methodist women's writing as Literature. Research published as: 'The Secret Textual History of Pamela, Methodist', Studies in Book Culture 6/2 (2015); 'Pray for the Unworthy Scribbler: The Oral, Manuscript, and Print Cultures of Early Methodist Women', After Print: Manuscripts in the Eighteenth Century, ed. Rachael Scarborough King (University of Pennsylvania Press), Forthcoming; and 'Masculine Robustness of Intellect and Feminine Delicacy of Sentiment: Agnes Bulmer’s Select Letters and the Construction of Evangelical Femininity', Nineteenth Century Studies, forthcoming.

2014: Keith E. Beebe, Ph.D., Professor of Church History, Whitworth University. Project: 'George Whitefield and John Wesley in Scotland', for a forthcoming book on the Cambuslang Revival. 

2013: Jon Kulaga, Ph.D., Provost, Asbury University. Project: 'John Wesley's Leadership Style: In Search of a Paradigm'

2013: Ayo Adewuya, Ph.D., Professor of New Testament, Pentecostal Theological Seminary. 

2012: David McEwan, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer in Theology, Pastoral Theology, and Practice; Academic Dean; Director of the Australasian Centre for Wesleyan Research, Nazarene Theological College (Brisbane, Australia). Research published as: The Life of God in the Soul: The Integration of Love, Holiness and Happiness in the Thought of John Wesley (Paternoster, 2015).

2010: Ricardo Gomez, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor, Asbury Theological Seminary and Curriculum Coordinator for Latin America, Free Methodist World Missions.

2010: Rachel Cope, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Church History and Doctrine, Brigham Young University. Research published as: Rachel Cope, Amy Harris, and Jane Hinckley, eds. Family Life in England and America, 1690–18204 vols (Routledge, 2015) and Rachel Cope and Bradley Kime. 'The Vision: A Dream Account Collected and Preserved by Mary Bosanquet Fletcher'Wesley and Methodist Studies 8:1 (January 2016), 52–66.

2012, 2008: Barry W. Hamilton, Ph.D., Theological Librarian and Professor of Historical and Contemporary Theology, Northeastern Seminary. Research published as: The Role of Richard Watson’s Theological Institutes in the Development of Methodism After John Wesley (Edwin Mellen Press, 2014). 

2008: Anthony J. Headley, Ph.D., Professor of Counseling, Asbury Theological Seminary. Research published as: Family Crucible: The Influence of Family Dynamics in the Life and Ministry of John Wesley (Wipf and Stock, 2010).

MWRC Visiting Research Fellows from Point Loma Nazarene University

2019, 2017: William Wood, Ph.D., Professor of History, Point Loma Nazarene University. Project: 'British Evangelicals and Islamic Central Asia in the 19th Century'. Dr Wood's reflections on his experience can be found here and a published version here (see p. 6).

2015: Robert Gailey, Ph.D., Professor of Business and Director, Center for International Development, Point Loma Nazarene University.

2015, 2013, 2009, 2005: Carol Blessing, Ph.D., Professor of Literature, Point Loma Nazarene University. 2015 project: 'George Herbert's "Exceeding Exact" Country Parson and its Influence on Methodism'. Previous Research published as: '"Oh That the Mantle May Rest on Me!" The Ministry of Mary Tooth', in Religion, Gender, and Industry: Exploring Church and Methodism in a Local Setting (Pickwick Publications, 2011). 

2014, 2012: Rebecca Laird, D.Min., Associate Professor of Christian Ministry, Point Loma Nazarene University.

2013, 2006: Charlene K. Pate, M.A., Associate Professor of Writing and Director of Writers' Studio, Point Loma Nazarene University.

2010: John W. Wright, Ph.D., Professor of Theology and Christian Scriptures, Point Loma Nazarene University. Research published as: ‘“Use” and “Enjoy” in John Wesley: John Wesley’s Participation within the Augustinian Tradition’Wesley and Methodist Studies 6 (2014).

2007: Enedina Martinez, Ed.D, Professor of Education, Point Loma Nazarene University. Research published as: 'Reflections on the Theologies of Education of John Comenius and John Wesley', in Christianity, Education and Modern Society (Information Age Publisher, 2007). 

This video is Revd Dr Stan Rodes's reflection on his experience as a Manchester Wesley Research Centre Visiting Research Fellow in the autumn of 2017.